Citations received by articles and reviews from research institutes and non-academic hospitals

National data

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Citations received by articles and reviews from research institutes and non-academic hospital

average number of citations from y+1 to y+3 and average of sum of IPP's y+1 to y+3

  Number of documents4,441.04,853.05,099.05,205.0
  Average numbers of citations received from y+1 to y+313.514.213.414.5
  Average of the sums of IPP's from y+1 to y+3--------

The figures for the last year are a preliminary result.

Regional data

No regional data available


  •  24/05/2019

Average number of citations received by articles and reviews authored by researchers affiliated with an institute or a non-academic hospitals. Citations are counted over a three years period following the publication year. Conference papers are not included.

Two measures are given: the average number of citations received during the period y+1 to y+3 and the average of the sums of the 'impact per paper' (IPP) over this three year period. The IPP measures the ratio of citations in a year (Y) to scholarly papers published in that journal during the three previous years (Y-1, Y-2, Y-3) divided by the number of scholarly papers published in those same years (Y-1, Y-2, Y-3) in the journal.

For more details see: The figures were worked out using Elsevier's Scopus bibliometric database (

Citations received by documents published in 2015 are a preliminary result since the number of citations received during 2018 may still vary as the database is updated.

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  • Citations reçues par des articles et revues d'instituts de recherche belges et des hôpitaux non académiques
  • Citaties ontvangen door artikels en recensies van Belgische onderzoeksinstellingen en niet-academische ziekenhuizen

Source: Belgian Science Policy, Elsevier's Scopus bibliometric database.