Sales of new-to-market, new-to-firm-only or unchanged products

National data

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Share of sales due to new-to-market, new-to-firm-only or unchanged products, for product innovators - %

Results extrapolated to population of enterprises with product innovations [goods and/or services]

  Sales from new-to-firm-only products1211101612
  Sales from new-to-market products1012995
  Sales from unchanged products7977817582
  Total Sales100100100100100
  Sales from new-to-firm-only products----91110
  Sales from new-to-market products----101615
  Sales from unchanged products----817275
  Total Sales----100100100
  Sales from new-to-firm-only products----121314
  Sales from new-to-market products----91110
  Sales from unchanged products----807676
  Total Sales----100100100
  Sales from new-to-firm-only products----171517
  Sales from new-to-market products----555
  Sales from unchanged products----788079
  Total Sales----100100100
  Sales from new-to-firm-only products----111012
  Sales from new-to-market products----978
  Sales from unchanged products----808279
  Total Sales----100100100
United Kingdom
  Sales from new-to-firm-only products------3441
  Sales from new-to-market products------2128
  Sales from unchanged products------4531
  Total Sales------100100
Europe 28
  Sales from new-to-firm-only products--------16
  Sales from new-to-market products--------10
  Sales from unchanged products--------74
  Total Sales--------100

Regional data

No regional data available


  •  29/10/2018

Share of sales due to new-to-market, new-to-firm-only or unchanged products. Results are extrapolated to the population of enterprises with product innovations.

Enterprises introduce new-to-market product innovations when they introduce them onto their market before their competitors (even though those products may already have been available on other markets).

Enterprises introduce new-to-firm-only product innovations when those product innovations are new to the firm but they were already available from competitors in their market.

The sales considered are for the reference year.

Enterprises considered are enterprises with 10 or more employees, in manufacturing, mining and quarrying and other industry; wholesale trade; transportation and storage; information and communication; financial and insurance activities; select professional, scientific, and technical activities.

Note: The core set of services sectors to be covered in CIS was slightly expanded from CIS 2012 on, per Eurostat’s guidelines. The number of enterprises in the divisions added is not very numerous, however; adding them adds roughly 3% to the total targeted population of enterprises. Hence, results between the various years should still be roughly comparable, despite the slight expansion of NACE sectors covered.

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  • Ventes de produits nouveaux pour le marché, nouveaux pour l'entreprise
  • Verkoop van producten die nieuw zijn voor de markt en voor het bedrijf

Source: Eurostat, Community Innovation Survey (CIS), Belgian Science Policy.