Success rate in obtaining trade credit

National data

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Success rate in obtaining trade credit

% of requests accepted

  Full amount55.677.766.149.548.3--
  Part of it24.015.316.830.236.5--
  Full amount29.741.250.552.053.2--
  Part of it27.226.326.022.225.8--
  Full amount53.962.268.472.576.4--
  Part of it22.531.213.916.316.9--
  Full amount87.
  Part of it8.520.610.811.618.2--
  Full amount74.471.078.179.986.2--
  Part of it25.622.512.510.610.2--
United Kingdom
  Full amount76.686.976.884.785.3--
  Part of it15.211.416.312.411.3--
Europe 28
  Full amount67.068.368.073.476.8--
  Part of it23.624.321.018.615.8--

Regional data

No regional data available


  •  13/03/2018

% of SMES receiving all or a part of the financing requested over the past 6 months. The data come from the Survey on Access to Finance of Enterprises (SAFE) conducted by the European Central Bank and the European Commission across the EU Member States and several additional countries.

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  • Taux de réussite dans l'obtention d'un crédit commercial
  • Succespercentage bij het verkrijgen van handelskrediet

Source: European Commission and the European Central Bank (SAFE)