Venture capital investment by stage

National data

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Venture capital investment by stage

% of GDP

  Seed stage0.0020.0010.0010.0000.0010.000----
  Start-up stage0.0180.0220.0170.0140.0120.008----
  Later stage venture0.0060.0070.0150.0120.0190.007----
  Total venture capital0.0250.0300.0330.0270.0320.015----
  Seed stage0.0000.0010.0000.0010.0010.001----
  Start-up stage0.0170.0170.0130.0150.0200.021----
  Later stage venture0.0090.0100.0120.0090.0080.009----
  Total venture capital0.0260.0290.0260.0240.0290.032----
  Seed stage0.0010.0010.0000.0010.0000.001----
  Start-up stage0.0180.0160.0160.0160.0180.017----
  Later stage venture0.0230.0180.0160.0200.0170.017----
  Total venture capital0.0420.0350.0320.0370.0350.034----
  Seed stage0.0020.0020.0010.0020.0010.001----
  Start-up stage0.0160.0150.0120.0130.0130.013----
  Later stage venture0.0120.0120.0080.0090.0070.011----
  Total venture capital0.0290.0280.0210.0230.0210.025----
  Seed stage0.0020.0020.0030.0030.0030.003----
  Start-up stage0.0020.0020.0030.0020.0020.004----
  Later stage venture0.0060.0040.0020.0030.0030.001----
  Total venture capital0.0100.0080.0080.0080.0080.008----
United Kingdom
  Seed stage0.0000.0020.0010.0000.0000.000----
  Start-up stage0.0160.0160.0180.0130.0120.012----
  Later stage venture0.0270.0260.0140.0120.0210.020----
  Total venture capital0.0430.0440.0320.0260.0340.032----

Regional data

No regional data available


  •  29/10/2018

Total venture capital investment (VCI), a subset of private equity, refers to equity investments made for launch, early development, or expansion of business. VCI is split in three stages: seed, start-up, and later stage venture.

Seed” is defined as financing provided to research, assess, and develop an initial concept before a business has reached the start-up phase.

Start-up” is defined as financing provided for product development and initial marketing, manufacturing, and sales. Companies may be in the process of being set up or may have been in business for a short time, but have not sold their product commercially.

Later stage venture” is the financing provided for the expansion of an operating company, which may or may not be breaking even or trading profitably. Later stage venture tends to finance companies already backed by venture capitalists, and therefore involved in third- or fourth- (or subsequent) round of financing.

The VCI indicators are compiled based on the data collected by the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA).

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  • Investissement en capital-risque
  • Investeringen in risicokapitaal

Source: Eurostat, EVCA data.