Investment in intangibles by type of asset

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Investment in intangibles by type of asset

% of GDP

  Innovative Property2.292.512.
  Economic Competencies4.174.334.234.144.344.674.604.664.765.005.20
  Innovative Property2.312.
  Economic Competencies4.694.664.434.354.
  Innovative Property2.342.462.542.542.572.512.562.562.642.662.72
  Economic Competencies3.373.463.463.453.423.513.973.813.793.673.75
  Innovative Property2.812.812.782.802.702.692.742.702.802.912.86
  Economic Competencies3.383.353.
  Innovative Property2.
  Economic Competencies3.
United Kingdom
  Innovative Property2.292.312.
  Economic Competencies5.365.

Regional data

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  •  13/05/2014

The indicator provides the gross fixed capital formation at current prices (as a percentage of GDP) for 3 categories of intangibles:

  • computerised information (software and databases),
  • innovative property (R&D; design; product development in financial services; mineral exploration and spending on the production of artistic originals),
  • economic competencies (market research; advertising: training: organisational capital (own account and purchased)).

The indicator comes from the INTAN-Invest database that provides market sector data (NACE Rev. 1 sectors A through K (excluding real estate) plus sector O) on intangible assets for 27 EU countries plus Norway and the US. The following paper describes the methods and sources used to build the estimates: Corrado, Carol; Jonathan Haskel, Cecilia Jona-Lasinio and Massimiliano Iommi, (2012), "Intangible Capital and Growth in Advanced Economies: Measurement Methods and Comparative Results" Working Paper, June (

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  • Investissement intangible
  • Investeringen in immateriële activa

Source: INTAN-Invest database.