ICT patents granted by the USPTO

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ICT patents granted by the USPTO

per million inhabitants

United Kingdom34.933.529.327.9------
Euro Area 1929.529.926.424.9------
Europe 2826.526.823.522.3------

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  •  28/02/2017

Number of ICT patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (by priority year), per million inhabitants. According to Eurostat, the following fields are defined as ICT: telecommunications, consumer electronics, computers, office machinery, and other ICT. The national distribution of patent applications is assigned according to the inventor's country of residence. If one application has more than one inventor, the application is divided equally among all of them and subsequently among their countries of residence, thus avoiding double counting.

Data for the last year are provisional. Significant revisions are expected because the procedures for patents applications are very long and several years are necessary to have final data.

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  • Brevets TIC délivrés par l'USPTO
  • Door het USPTO verleende ICT-octrooien

Source: Eurostat, Patent Statistics.