Foreign ownership of domestic inventions in patent applications to the EPO

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Foreign ownership of domestic inventions in patent applications to the EPO


United Kingdom39.038.740.540.942.941.140.440.741.642.144.944.343.543.2
Euro Area 1812.212.412.412.812.813.613.313.812.912.612.913.113.013.1
Europe 2812.

Regional data

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  •  28/02/2017

The indicator depicts the share of patents invented in one country, owned by residents in another country, in the total patents invented domestically. The indicator is estimated for the patent applications (by priority year) to the European Patent Office (EPO). This indicator can also be used as a measure of international knowledge spill-overs.

Data for the last year are provisional. Significant revisions are expected because the procedures for patent applications are very long and several years are necessary to have final data.

Other languages

  • Propriété étrangère des inventions nationales dans les demandes de brevet auprès de l'OEB
  • Buitenlandse eigendom van binnenlandse uitvindingen in octrooiaanvragen bij het EOB

Source: Eurostat, Patent Statistics.