Patents granted by the USPTO with foreign co-inventor(s)

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Patents granted by the USPTO with foreign co-inventors


United Kingdom31.130.733.130.536.935.334.

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  •  28/02/2017

The indicator depicts the share of patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (by priority year) with at least one foreign co-inventor in total patents invented by resident(s) of country x (inventor). The degree to which patents are co-developed in different countries helps monitoring the internationalisation of research and the intensity of international R&D collaboration.

Data for the last year are provisional. Significant revisions are expected because the procedures for patents are very long and several years are necessary to have final data.

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  • Brevets délivrés par l'USPTO avec co-inventeur(s) étranger(s)
  • Door het USPTO aan buitenlandse mede-uitvinder(s) verleende octrooien

Source: Eurostat, Patent Statistics.