The European Service Innovation Scoreboard (ESIS)


The European Service Innovation Scoreboard (ESIS) provides a wide range of indicators (59) at national and regional levels. Through its data-based analyses, ESIS captures and demonstrates the impact of service innovation in terms of changing sectors and this, in turn, promotes a better understanding of how service innovation can help regions to introduce positive structural changes.

The European Service Innovation Scoreboard consists of three scorecards, each serving a different objective:

  • Indicators measuring the importance of service innovation in a region and grouped into five dimensions (framework conditions, service innovation and its outcomes) The set is directly linked to the conceptual model measuring the transformative capacity of services innovation.
  • Structural indicators measuring entrepreneurial, high-tech and business activities in a region, that can be used as tools in regional policy making.
  • Indicators measuring the economic performance of a region that capture the overall results of policies, innovation and business activities.

ESIS scorecards are available for a total of 270 EU27, NUTS level 2 regions. For each region, ESIS includes radar graphs showing the performances across the different dimensions compared with the average performance of the EU and also data tables showing the absolute and relative performances related to each of the indicators for the region, its country and the EU. The performance of a Member State/region can also be compared to another region.