Global Entrepreneurship Index 2018


The Global Entrepreneurship Index is an annual index that measures both the quality of entrepreneurship in a country and the extent and depth of the supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem. The index is a composite indicator covering 14 areas (called pillars).

According to the World ranking, Belgium is 17th out of 137 countries. If only the European countries are included (regional ranks for Europe), Belgium obtains the 12th place out of 38 countries. The top 10 countries are the United States, Switzerland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Sweden and France.

The Global Entrepreneurship Index covers 14 areas of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The 3 strongest areas of Belgium are: Process innovation (96% of the top performance), product innovation (91%), Internationalization (89%). The 3 weakest areas are: Networking (35%), Opportunity Startup (54%) and High growth (55%).