IMD World Digital Competitiveness ranking 2019


The objective of the digital competitiveness ranking is to assess the extent to which a country adopts and explores digital technologies leading to transformation in government practices, business models and society in general.

According to the IMD measure of digital competitiveness, Belgium is ranked 25th (out of 63 countries), a fall of 2 places from the previous year. The sub-factor rankings are the following:

  • Knowledge: 23rd, an increase of 2 places from the previous year,

  • Technology: 21st, an increase of 3 places from the previous year,

  • Future readiness: 25th, a decline of 2 places, principally due IT integration (21st, a fall of 2 places).

According to the indicators included in sub-factor rankings, the Belgium's strengths are (out of 63 countries):

  • International experience: 10th,

  • Net flow of international students: 10th,

  • Total public expenditure on education: 7th,

  • Immigration laws: 10th

  • Tablet possession: 10th

The Belgium's weaknesses are:

  • Graduates in Sciences: 57th

  • High-tech patent grants: 45th

  • Wireless broadband: 46th

  • E-Participation: 47th

  • Business agility, opportunities and threats: 48th.