International collaboration in scientific and academic publications

National data

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International collaboration in scientific and academic publications

% of the total of documents

United Kingdom50.853.555.156.858.661.1
Europe 2827.228.529.730.832.034.2

The figures for the last year are a preliminary result.

Regional data

No regional data available


  •  24/06/2019

Share of international collaborations in the total production of scientific and academic articles, reviews and conference papers, per year of publication and authors' affiliation country.

The figures were worked out using Elsevier's Scopus bibliometric database ( Inter year variations may partly arise from widening of the database coverage.

The figures for 2018 are a preliminary result, as a significant amount of new material can still be expected to be added to the Scopus database.

Other languages

  • Collaboration internationale dans les publications scientifiques et académiques
  • Internationale samenwerking in wetenschappelijke en academische publicaties

Source: Belgian Science Policy, Elsevier's Scopus bibliometric database.