Foreign direct investment in the reporting economy

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Foreign direct investment in the reporting economy

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  •  03/12/2019

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a category of investment that reflects the objective of establishing a lasting interest by a resident enterprise in one economy (direct investor) in an enterprise (direct investment enterprise) that is resident in an economy other than that of the direct investor. The lasting interest implies the existence of a long-term relationship between the direct investor and the direct investment enterprise and a significant degree of influence on the management of the enterprise. The lasting interest is deemed to exist if the investor acquires at least 10% of the voting power of the direct investment enterprise.

FDI flows comprise:

  • Equity capital including equity in branches as well as all shares in subsidiaries and associates;

  • Reinvested earnings consisting of the offsetting entry to the direct investor’s share of earnings not distributed as dividends by subsidiaries or associates, and earnings of branches not remitted to the direct investor and which are recorded under Investment income;

  • Debt instruments

Data are presented according to the asset/liability principle, compiled in the framework of balance of payments and are consistent with the components of national accounts statistics. Inward FDI flows represent the value of FDI liabilities from all countries of the world in the reporting economy in the reference period. Data are expressed as % of GDP to remove the effect of differences in the size of the economies of the reporting countries. Definitions are based on the IMF's Sixth Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6).

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  • Investissements directs étrangers dans l'économie déclarante
  • Buitenlandse directe investeringen in de rapporterende economie

Source: Eurostat, Balance of payments - International transactions.