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Product market regulation indicators

0-6 from least to most restrictive

United Kingdom0.8

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  •  02/12/2019

The economy-wide PMR indicators measure the regulatory barriers to firm entry and competition in a broad range of key policy areas, ranging from licensing and public procurement, to governance of SOEs, price controls, evaluation of new and existing regulations, and foreign trade. The PMR values range between (0) and (6) from the most to the least competition friendly regulatory regime.

The database used to build the PMR indicators covers: a number of network sectors, a number of service sectors, and a number of cross-sector regulatory domains. The information on laws and regulations is collected through a questionnaire and vetted by OECD experts. Information is based on laws and regulation in place on 1 January 2018. The scored information is regrouped into 18 regulatory areas, and then combined into broader areas until it generates one overall indicator.

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  • Indice de réglementation du marché de produits
  • Index voor productmarktregulering

Source: OECD, Product Market regulation database.