Sectoral Product Market Regulation Indicator

National data

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Sectoral Product Market Regulation Indicator

0-6 from least to most restrictive

  Network sectors1.5
  Civil engineers0.0
  Estate agents2.9
  Retail Distribution2.5
  Retail Sales of Medicines3.8
  Network sectors1.0
  Civil engineers0.0
  Estate agents0.0
  Retail Distribution1.0
  Retail Sales of Medicines0.4
  Network sectors1.7
  Civil engineers0.3
  Estate agents1.0
  Retail Distribution2.0
  Retail Sales of Medicines4.3
  Network sectors1.2
  Civil engineers2.4
  Estate agents0.2
  Retail Distribution0.5
  Retail Sales of Medicines2.5
  Network sectors1.4
  Civil engineers2.8
  Estate agents1.2
  Retail Distribution2.0
  Retail Sales of Medicines4.0
United Kingdom
  Network sectors0.6
  Civil engineers0.4
  Estate agents0.0
  Retail Distribution0.0
  Retail Sales of Medicines1.5

Regional data

No regional data available


  •  02/12/2019

The sector PMR indicators measure the regulatory barriers to firm entry and competition at the level of individual sectors. The sector PMR indicators cover eight network sectors (electricity, natural gas, rail transport, air transport, water transport, road transport, fixed e-communication and mobile e-communication) and eight service sectors (retail distribution, retail sales of medicines, and six professions: accountants, lawyers, notaries, civil engineers, estate agents and architects).

The PMR values range between (0) and (6) from the most to the least competition friendly regulatory regime. The information on laws and regulations is collected through a questionnaire and vetted by OECD experts. Information is based on laws and regulation in place on 1 January 2018. For the 6 covered professions, there is no single average indicator since some professions do not exist in some of the countries surveyed.

Some care should be taken when comparing the PMR indicators on individual professions across countries, because the activities that a specific profession undertakes may vary between countries.

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Other languages

  • Indicateur sectoriel de réglementation du marché de produits
  • Sectoriële indicator voor productmarktregulering

Source: OECD, Product Market regulation database