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Death rate


United Kingdom10.79.810.69.79.710.69.912.5

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  •  03/12/2019

Number of enterprise deaths in the reference period (t) divided by the number of enterprises active in t. Active enterprises are enterprises that have employment and/or turnover in the period from 1st January to 31st December in a given year.

A death amounts to the dissolution of a combination of production factors, with the restriction that no other enterprises are involved in the event. Deaths do not include exits from the population due to mergers, take-overs, break-ups and restructuring of a set of enterprises. It does not include exits from a sub-population resulting only from a change of activity (Definitions of Eurostat - OECD Manual on Business Demography Statistics).

The Business demographic statistics provided by Eurostat, are drawn from business registers, although some individual countries improve the availability or freshness of data on employment and turnover by integrating other sources. Data covers the sections B to S (Industry, construction, and services, except insurance activities of holding companies) (Data for sections P, Q, R, and S are provided on a voluntary basis).

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Source: Eurostat, Business demography statistics.