Students from abroad enrolled in tertiary education

National data

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Students from abroad enrolled in tertiary education

as % of student population in the host country

United Kingdom--17.5----------
Europe 28--------8.48.1--

Regional data

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  •  03/12/2019

International/Mobile students are defined as foreign students who have crossed a national border and moved to another country with the objective of studying. In other words, the student has moved from - what we, in this context, call - the country of origin to the reporting country of study (also called: country of destination). Foreign students are defined as non-citizens of the country in which they study.

Tertiary education corresponds to an education level ISCED 2011 (International Standard Classification of Education) of 5-8 (data from 2013 onwards) and to a level ISCED 1997 of 5-6 (for data up to 2012 (break in time series in 2013)).

Other languages

  • Etudiants provenant de l'étranger inscrits dans l'enseignement supérieur
  • Studenten uit het buitenland ingeschreven in het hoger onderwijs

Source: Eurostat, Population and social conditions database.