Domestic value added of exports

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Domestic value added of exports

% of exports

United Kingdom85.785.085.183.484.182.681.
Euro Area77.275.575.074.477.674.672.972.673.273.474.274.3
Europe 2877.976.275.774.777.775.173.573.374.074.475.475.7

Regional data

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  •  24/05/2019

The indicator reflects the domestic value-added embodied in exports as a percentage of total exports. It provides a measure that illustrates how much value-added is generated throughout the economy for a given unit of exports. The lower the ratio the higher the foreign content and so the higher the importance of imports to exports. For regions, the ratio excludes intra-regional trade (e.g. for EU28, exports to non-EU28 only) and can be considered as an average ratio of the region’s members.

The Trade in Value Added (TiVA) database is a joint OECD-WTO initiative. They provides indicators on the domestic and foreign origins of value added embodied in exports and in final demand. They are derived from OECD’s Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) database which provides estimates of the flows of goods and services between 63 countries and 34 industries from 1995 to 2011. Tracing global flows of value added provides insights for the analysis of GVCs that are not always evident from conventional trade statistics. Estimates for the period 2012-2014 are projections based on the latest ICIO extended using more recent time series drawn from annual national accounts and merchandise trade statistics.

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  • Valeur ajoutée domestique des exportations
  • Binnenlandse toegevoegde waarde van de uitvoer

Source: OCDE - WTO ; TiVA (Trade in Value Added)