Perception of infrastructure quality

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Perception of infrastructure quality

1-7 from poor to high quality

United Kingdom5.

The years indicated in the table and graph correspond to the first year of edition [for example, 2017 data comes from the 2017-2018 edition of the report]

Regional data

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  •  02/10/2018

The indicator is derived from the World Economic Forum’s Executive Opinion Survey and is used to estimate the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Froum. The indicator answers the question: How do you assess the general state of infrastructure (e.g., transport, communications, and energy) in your country? [1 = extremely underdeveloped—among the worst in the world; 7 = extensive and efficient—among the best in the world].

Data cover a period of 2 years, the first year is indicated (2017 for 2017-2018).

Other languages

  • Perception de la qualité de l'infrastructure
  • Perceptie van de kwaliteit van de infrastructuur

Source: World Economic Forum