Revealed technology advantage in biotechnology

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Revealed technology advantage in biotechnology

Index based on IP5 patent families

United Kingdom1.71.8
Europe 281.11.0

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  •  02/12/2019

The revealed technology advantage (RTA) index is calculated as the share of a country in patents filed in a given technology field relative to the share of the country in total patents. The index is equal to zero when the country has no patents in a given field; is equal to 1, when the country's share in the sector equals its share in all fields (no specialisation); and above 1 when a positive specialisation is observed.

The index is calculated on patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Patent counts are based on the priority date, the inventor's residence and fractional counts. The IPC codes contained in patents indentify the technology domains to which inventions belong. The index is calculated for periods of three years (for example, the data for 2015 cover the period 2012-2015).

Source: OECD, Science and technology statistics.