Revealed technology advantage in nanotechnology

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Revealed technology advantage in nanotechnology

Index based on IP5 patent families

United Kingdom0.81.2
Europe 280.70.7

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  •  02/12/2019

The revealed technological advantage (RTA) index measures the share of an economy’s patents in a specific technology relative to the share of total patents owned. The index is equal to zero when the economy has no patents in a given field, equals 1 when the economy’s share in the technology field is equivalent to its share in all fields (no specialisation), and rises above 1 when specialisation is observed. The index is calculated on the basis of patents filed at the European Patent Office (EPO) or the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which belong to patent families within the Five IP offices (IP5), by earliest filing date and inventor’s location.

RTA index are only provided for countries with more than 100 patent families over the period considered. The index is calculated for periods of two years (for example, the data for 2014 cover the period 2012-2014).

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  • Avantage technologique révélé dans le domaine de la nanotechnologie
  • Relatief technologisch voordeel in nanotechnologie

Source: OECD, Science and technology statistics.