Business-funded R&D in the higher education and government sectors

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Business-funded R&D in the higher education and government sectors

% of R&D performed in these sectors

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  •  03/12/2019

The indicator measures R&D expenditure financed by the business enterprise sector and performed - on national territory - by the higher education sector (HERD) and the government sector (GORD), as a percentage of total R&D performed in these sectors (at current prices).

The Government sector is composed of all departments, offices, and other bodies which furnish but normally do not sell to the community those common services – other than higher education – which cannot otherwise be conveniently and economically provided, and administer the state, economic, and social policy of the community. (Public enterprises are included in the business enterprise sector). This sector is also composed of private non-profit institutes controlled and mainly financed by government.

The Higher education sector is composed of all universities, colleges of technology, and other institutes of post-secondary education, whatever their source of finance or legal status. It also includes all research institutes, experimental stations, and clinics operating under the direct control of, or administered by, or associated with higher education establishments. (Frascati Manual)

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  • R&D financée par les entreprises dans les secteurs de l'enseignement supérieur et de l'Etat
  • Door het bedrijfsleven gefinancierde O&O in het hoger onderwijs en de overheidssector

Source: Eurostat, Science and technology statistics, Belgian Science Policy.