Real GDP growth

National data

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GDP growth


United Kingdom2.4-0.3-
Euro Area2.90.4-
Europe 283.00.5-

Regional data

No regional data available


  •  07/01/2020

Growth of gross domestic product (GDP) (at market prices) is measured in chain-linked volumes. GDP is an indicator for a nation´s economic situation. It reflects the total value of all goods and services produced less the value of goods and services used for intermediate consumption in their production. According to the production approach, GDP is the sum of gross value added of the various institutional sectors or the various industries plus taxes and less subsidies on products (which are not allocated to sectors and industries).

The national accounts are published in September. The regional accounts are published in December. Between September and December, national and regional data are not fully compatible.

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Source: Eurostat, National accounts.