Nanotechnology R&D expenditure in the business sector

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Nanotechnology R&D expenditure in the business sector

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  •  02/12/2019

Business enterprise R&D expenditure in the Nanotechnology as a percentage of total business R&D expenditure. There is no internationally agreed statistical definition of nanotechnology. The development of a range of comparable nanotechnology indicators depends on a uniform set of definitions. The International Organization for Standardization defines nanotechnology as: “Understanding and control of matter and processes at the nanoscale, typically, but not exclusively, below 100 nanometres in one or more dimensions, where the onset of size-dependent phenomena usually enables novel applications, by utilizing the properties of nanoscale materials that differ from the properties of individual atoms, molecules, and bulk matter to create improved materials, devices and systems that exploit these new properties”(Indicator and definition from OECD “STI scoreboard”).

International comparisons have to be interpreted with caution because data comparability depends on how statistics are collected and how definition is applied.

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  • Dépenses de R&D des entreprises de nanotechnologie
  • O&O-uitgaven van ondernemingen in nanotechnologie

Source: OECD (Key Nanotechnology indicators), STI Scoreboard.