SME's with broadband access to Internet

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SME's with broadband access to Internet

% of SME's

United Kingdom9595969495--
Euro Area9596969697--
Europe 289394959496--

Regional data

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  •  14/12/2017

Percentage of SME's with broadband access to the Internet (fixed or mobile). SMEs are defined as enterprises with fewer than 250 employees.

Data given in this domain are collected by the National Statistical Institutes or Ministries and are based on Eurostat's annual model surveys on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) usage and e-commerce in enterprises. The survey population consists of enterprises with 10 or more persons employed.

Other languages

  • PME ayant accès à l'internet à large bande
  • Kmo's met toegang tot breedbandinternet

Source: Eurostat, Information society statistics.