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Share of world exports

5 year % change

United Kingdom-21.2-11.6-

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  •  03/12/2019

The export market share is calculated by dividing the exports of the country by the total exports of the region/world. The indicator measures the degree of importance of a country within the total exports of the region/world. For the calculation at current prices, the market share refers to the world trade (world export market share). Data on the values of exports of goods and services are compiled as part of the Balance of Payments of each country.

To capture the structural losses in competitiveness that can accumulate over longer time periods, the indicator is calculated as 5 years % change - comparing year Y with year Y-5.

A country might lose shares of export market not only if exports decline but most importantly if its exports do not grow at the same rate of world exports and its relative position at the global level deteriorates.

The MIP scoreboard indicator is the percentage change of export market shares (of goods and services) over five years, with a lower indicative threshold of -6%. The formula is: [[(EXPc/EXPworld)t - (EXPc/EXPworld)t-5] / (EXPc/EXPworld)t-5]*100

Source of total world data used as denominator: International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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Source: Eurostat, MIP indicators.