Total financial sector liabilities, non-consolidated - 1 year % change

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Total financial sector liabilities

1 year % change

United Kingdom-3.6-7.74.8-8.611.7-1.7-0.8

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  •  03/12/2019

The total financial corporations sector liabilities measures the evolution of the sum of all liabilities (which includes Currency and deposits, Debt securities, Loans, Equity and investment fund shares/units, Insurance, pensions and standardised guarantee schemes, Financial derivatives and employee stock options and Other accounts payable) of the financial corporations sector.

Data are presented in non-consolidated terms, i.e. data take into account transactions within the same sector.

Definitions regarding sectors and instruments are based on the ESA 2010.

The MIP indicator is expressed as year over year growth rate, with an indicative threshold 16.5%. The headline indicator is calculated as 1 year % change.

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  • Passifs de l'ensemble du secteur financier
  • Passiva van de gehele financiële sector

Source: Eurostat, MIP indicators.