Nominal unit labour cost - 3 year % change

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Nominal unit labour cost index

3 year % change

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  •  03/12/2019

The unit labour cost (ULC) is defined as the ratio of labour costs to labour productivity.

Nominal ULC (NULC) = (D1/EEM) / (B1GM/ETO) with:

  • D1 = Compensation of employees, all industries, current prices
  • EEM = Employees, all industries, in persons (domestic concept)
  • B1GM = Gross domestic product at market prices in millions, chain-linked volumes reference year 2010
  • ETO = Total employment, all industries, in persons (domestic concept)

The input data are obtained through official transmissions of national accounts' country data in the ESA2010 transmission programme. The scoreboard indicator is the percentage change over three years of nominal unit labour cost (NULC). The indicative threshold is 9% for the euro area countries and 12% for the non-euro area countries.

The scoreboard indicator is calculated using the formula: [(ULCt – ULCt-3)/ULCt-3]*100.

Other languages

  • Coût salarial unitaire nominal
  • Nominale loonkosten per eenheid product

Source: Eurostat, MIP indicators.