Employment in foreign controlled enterprises

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Employment in foreign controlled enterprises

% of total domestic employment

United Kingdom18.218.218.418.719.519.319.2--
Europe 28----14.114.414.915.215.3--

Regional data

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  •  13/03/2018

Foreign affiliate statistics (fats) deal with enterprises that control enterprises abroad (outward fats) or are controlled by foreign enterprises (inward fats). In this context, enterprise A is deemed to be controlled by an enterprise B when B controls, whether directly or indirectly, more than half of the shareholders' voting power or more than half of the shares. This indicator describes the share of employment held by foreign controlled enterprises in the reporting country divided by the total employment in the reporting country.

Other languages

  • Emploi dans les entreprises sous contrôle étranger
  • Werkgelegenheid in de ondernemingen onder buitenlandse controle

Source: Eurostat, Economic globalisation indicators.