Activity rate (% of total population aged 15-64) - 3 year change in p.p

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Activity rate

% of total population aged 15-64, 3 years % change

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  •  24/05/2019

The activity rate is the percentage of economically active population aged 15-64 on the total population of the same age. According to the definitions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) for the purposes of the labour market statistics people are classified as employed, unemployed and economically inactive. The economically active population (also called labour force) is the sum of employed and unemployed persons. Inactive persons are those who, during the reference week, were neither employed nor unemployed.

The MIP Scoreboard indicator is the three years change in percentage points, with an indicative threshold of -0.2 pp.

The data source is the quarterly EU Labour Force Survey (EU LFS). The survey covers the resident population in private households.

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  • Taux d'activité
  • Activiteitsgraad

Source: Eurostat, MIP indicators.