Performances of the innovation system

The most important indicators of the Belgian national/regional innovation systems are presented here in radar charts. These charts provide a synthetic overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Belgium and its regions in comparison with the EU average (EU28=100) and with the neighbouring countries.

The first chart is made up of a selection of the most significant indicators overall and the following ones show selections taken from each of the six different groups of indicators.

Public support for R&D and innovation

National data

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Public support for R&D and innovation


 Belgium 2017Netherlands 2017Germany 2017
Bus enterprises R&D financed by gov 85.728.6100.0
Higher education R&D financed by gov94.3134.3125.7
Government budget appropriations on R&D104.7104.7145.3

Regional data

No regional data available


  •  03/12/2019

The radar chart presents, for each indicator, the performance of Belgium and its three regions relative to the EU average (EU28=100). This allows to compare, on the same chart, indicators with different measurement units. The performances of the three neighbouring countries are also available by clicking on the selected country below the chart. For each indicator, a value higher than 100 indicates a better performance than the EU average.

The indicators on the chart are selected on the basis of their relevance and the availability of data for the EU average. All these indicators and their definition are available on the database (see "Indicators of the innovation system". The indicators on the radar chart are the following:

  • Business R&D expenditure financed by the government sector (% of GDP)
  • Higher education R&D expenditure financed by the government sector (% of GDP)
  • Government budget appropriations on R&D (% of GDP)

For this theme, no regional data are available.

Source: "Indicators of the innovation system"